SU2C-SARC032 Protocol


Please fill out the credentialing status inquiry form to let us know that you would like to participate on this protocol.

Institutions that were previously credentialed to participate in another protocol will be notified if any additional credentialing steps are required.

As a participant in the SU2C-SARC032 study it is required that your institution be monitored by the IROC Houston.

• Please complete and submit an on-line demographics form, if you are not currently monitored by the IROC Houston QA Center.

•  Each institution will receive OSLD for their megavoltage photon beams if you are not already being monitored by IROC Houston QA Center.


External Beam Radiation Therapy:

Please submit the following:

•  Complete SU2C-SARC032 IROC Data Submission Form

•  Daily Treatment Records

•  pre-treatment MRI (T1 weighting + gadolinium contrast & T2 weighting)

•  Planning CT scan, in DICOM format

•  DICOM RT Structure Set

•  DICOM RT Plan File

•  DICOM RT Dose Files

•  Complete post-treatment SU2C-SARC032 IROC Daily IGRT Shift Form, therefore only one completed form per patient.

•  DICOM Spatial Registration File for IGRT (if available)


Please submit the following:

•  Planning CT scan, in DICOM format with catheters in-situ.

•  DICOM RT Structure Set

•  DICOM RT Plan File

•  DICOM RT Dose Files

•  Daily Treatment Records

•  Treatment plan reports for each insertion, PDF file to include source activities, dwell times, dwell positions and isodose lines.

Data Submission:

There are several different methods that data can be sent to the IROC Houston:

•  DICOM and non-DICOM data can either be burned to a CD and snail mailed or can be sent electronically through the IROC Houston’s FTP site.

FTP Information:

•  To gain access to the IROC Houston’s FTP site to upload data please click here for direction.

•  Please create a folder with the patient case number within the SU2C-SARC032 directory on the FTP site. Once you have submitted the data please email the IROC Houston at and in the subject please write SU2C-SARC032 Patient ID ______ so that we are aware that the data is available for review.

Important Information

•  IROC Houston Email Address:

•  Website Address:

•  Snail Mail Address:
Attn: Jessica Lowenstein
IROC Houston QA Center
8060 El Rio Street
Houston, TX 77054

•  Phone number: 713-745-8989

•  Fax number: 713-794-1364