IROC Houston QA Center Publications

       Testing the methodology for dosimetry audit of heterogeneity corrections and small MLC-shaped fields: Results of IAEA multi-center studies.
Acta Oncol 1-8, 3/2016.
Izewska J, Wesolowska P, Azangwe G, Followill DS, Thwaites DI, Arib M, Stefanic A, Viegas C, Suming L, Ekendahl D, Bulski W, Georg D.

       Technical Report: Reference photon dosimetry data for Varian accelerators based on IROC-Houston site visit data.
Med Phys. 43 (5): 2374, 5/2016.
Kerns JR, Followill DS, Lowenstein J, Molineu A, Alvarez P, Taylor PA, Stingo FC, Kry SF.

       Rationale of technical requirements for NRG-BR001: The first NCI-sponsored trial of SBRT for the treatment of multiple metastases.
Pract Radiat Oncol. 5/2016.
Al-Hallaq HA, Chmura S, Salama JK, Winter KA, Robinson CG, Pisansky TM, Borges V, Lowenstein JR, McNulty S, Galvin JM, Followill DS, Timmerman RD, White JR, Xiao Y, Matuszak MM.

       Results From the Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core Houston's Anthropomorphic Phantoms Used for Proton Therapy Clinical Trial Credentialing.
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 95 (1): 242-248, 5/2016.
Taylor PA, Kry SF, Alvarez P, Keith T, Lujano C, Hernandez N, Followill DS.

       Obituary for Robert J. Shalek. Ph.D, J D.
Med Phys. 43 (7): 4396-4397, 7/2016.
Followill D, Ibbott G, Hanson W, Purdy JA, Stovall M, Almond P.

       Agreement Between Institutional Measurements and Treatment Planning System Calculations for Basic Dosimetric Parameters as Meausred by the Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core-Houston.
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 95 (5): 1527-1534, 8/2016.
Kerns JR, Followill DS, Lowenstein J, Molineu A, Alvarez P, Taylor PA, Kry SF.

       Modification and validation of an analytical source model for external beam radiotherapy Monte Carlo dose calculations.
Med Phys. 43 (8): 4842, 8/2016.
Davidson SE, Cui J, Kry SF, Deasy JO, Ibbott GS, Vicic M, White RA, Followill DS.

       Approaches to reducing photon dose calculation errors near metal implants.
Med Phys. 43 (9): 5117-5130, 9/2016.
Huang JY, Followill DS, Howell RM, Liu X, Mirkovic D, Stingo FC, Kry SF.