Presentations and Posters


AAPM Presentations:  
IROC Houston QA Center End-to-End QA phantom Program Key Findings Over the Past 15 Years
D Followill, A Molineu, P Alvarez, J Lowenstein, P Taylor, N Hernandez, T Nguyen, H Mehrens, B Lewis, S Kry
Dose to Water vs. Muscle: Rationale
S Kry
Assessing the Risk of CIED Malfunction from Radiation
S Kry
An Update On the Dosimetric Accuracy of Different Treatment Planning System Algorithms in the IROC Lung Phantom
S Kry, A Molineu, P Alvarez, D Followill
IROC-Houston's Pediatric TBI Phantom Credentialing Program
A Molineu, H Mehrens, D Followill
Clinical Trial Credentialing: Where to Start and Resources Available
A Molineu
Monte Carlo Shows Large Improvement Over Analytic Algorithms in Calculating Proton Therapy Dose to Thoracic Tumors in IROC Lung Phantom
P Taylor, S Kry, D Followill
AAPM Posters:  
IROC Houston QA Center S Independent Peer Review Quality Assurance Program for the Veteran Affairs VA Radiotherapy Facilities
P Alvarez, A Molineu, J Lowenstein, P Taylor, S Kry, D Followill
What Is the IROC Roster?
J Lowenstein, P Holguin, D Followill
IROC-Houston's New Automated Process for Issuing Credentialing Letters
H Mehrens, N Hernandez, B Lewis, T Nguyen, A Molineu, D Followill