IROC Houston QA Center Publications


       A dosimetric uncertainty analysis for photon-emitting brachytherapy sources: Report of AAPM Task Group No. 138 and GEC-ESTRO
(Med. Phys. 38(2):782, 2011)
Larry A. DeWerd, Geoffrey S. Ibbott, Ali S. Meigooni, Michael G. Mitch, Mark J. Rivard, Kurt E. Stump, Bruce R. Thomadsen, and Jack L. M. Venselaar

       International Conference on Advances in Radiation Oncology (ICARO): Outcomes of an IAEA Meeting
(Radiation Oncology 6(11):11 2/2011)
Eeva K Salminen, Krystyna Kiel, Geoffrey S Ibbott, Michael C Joiner, Eduardo Rosenblatt, Eduardo Zubizarreta, Jan Wondergem, Ahmed Meghzifene

       Angular dependence of the nanoDot OSL dosimeter
(Med. Phys. 38(7):3955, 2011)
James R. Kerns, Stephen F. Kry, Narayan Sahoo, David S. Followill, and Geoffrey S. Ibbott

       Variations in photon energy spectra of a 6 MV beam and their impact on TLD response
(Med. Phys. 38(5):2619, 2011)
Sarah B. Scarboro, David S. Followill, Rebecca M. Howell, and Stephen F. Kry

       Proportion of second cancers attributable to radiotherapy treatment in adults: a cohort study in the US SEER cancer registries
(The Lancet Oncology. 12(4):353-360, 2011)
Amy Berrington de Gonzalez, Rochelle E Curtis, Stephen F Kry, Ethel Gilbert, Stephanie Lamart, Christine D Berg, Marilyn Stovall, Elaine Ron

       Verification of monitor unit calculations for non-IMRT clinical radiotherapy: Report of AAPM Task Group 114
(Med. Phys. 38(1):504, 2011)
Robin L. Stern, Robert Heaton, Martin W. Fraser, S. Murty Goddu, Thomas H. Kirby, Kwok Leung Lam, Andrea Molineu, and Timothy C. Zhu

       Report of AAPM TG 135: Quality assurance for robotic radiosurgery
(Med. Phys. 38(6):2914, 2011)
Sonja Dieterich, Carlo Cavedon, Cynthia F. Chuang, Alan B. Cohen, Jeffrey A. Garrett, Charles L. Lee, Jessica R. Lowenstein, Maximian F. díSouza, David D. Taylor, Jr., Xiaodong Wu, and Cheng Yu

       Evaluation of an implantable MOSFET dosimeter designed for use with hypofractionated external beam treatments and its applications for breast and prostate treatments
(Med. Phys. 38(8):4881, 2011)
Gloria P. Beyer, Stephen F. Kry, Eric Espenhahn, Chris Rini, Elyse Boyles, and Greg Mann

       Neutron-induced electronic failures around a high-energy linear accelerator
(Med. Phys. 38(1):34, 2011)
Stephen F. Kry, Jennifer L. Johnson, R. Allen White, Rebecca M. Howell, Rajat J. Kudchadker, and Michael T. Gillin

       Clinical impact of the couch top and rails on IMRT and arc therapy.
(Accepted for publication, Physics in Medicine and Biology 2011)
Pulliam K, Howell RM, Follwill D, Lou D, White RA, Kry SF.